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Recent content by fliptop

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    Generations Restaurant and Pub in Wheeling, OC friendly

    Sometimes, you just gotta love living in WV. Went w/ a friend to a Nailers game last week and afterward, she wanted to stop in Generations for a beer. I'm a teetotaler, and replied, "Sure, but I want to get a Red Bull 1st." So I stopped at a convenience store and, by the time we were at...
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    Corner Bar in Triadelphia, OC friendly

    Located on National Road across from the post office. Have been in this bar a few times, mostly during the day for lunch. Was there last night too, until closing. Excellent food and the bartenders are great. Kammy works days and Mike was there last night (first time I've met Mike). If...
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    JT's Lounge in New Martinsville, OC friendly

    A local bar located inside the Plaza Motel, usually has regulars and transient pipeliners. There were a couple of Mexicans in there too watching the soccer game (their boyz got the what-fer from Chile that night). I was there w/ a local regular and we had a great time. Nick is an excellent...
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    Steak and Shake in St. Clairsville, OC friendly

    After getting kicked out of BWW my friend and I went to Steak and Shake. No problems at all, staff was friendly and the patrons didn't seem to even notice.
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    BWW in St. Clairsville - still not OC friendly

    But at least I was informed before I sat down and ordered.
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    Riley's Pour House in Carnegie - OC friendly

    Hello again all. Last night I went to Riley's Pour House, a quaint Irish pub in Carnegie, for dinner. The owner, Jim, had no issues w/ me carrying in his place. He was quite friendly and inviting. Later, when my date and I left, we walked around Carnegie for a bit before returning to use the...
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    Jose's Bar in Washington, PA - very open carry friendly

    You may be surprised to learn one of the last nuisance bars left in Washington, PA is open carry friendly. After I left Cheese's BBQ (see previous thread) my date and I stopped in at Jose's on Main St. It's a great local dive bar w/ friendly bartenders and patrons. Was in there for several...
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    Cheese's BBQ - Washington, PA - not open carry friendly

    I had heard so many good things about the original sauce recipes at Cheese's BBQ in Washington. But the small-minded owner didn't take kindly to me open carrying in his establishment. He confronted me and said I had to put my pistol in my car. I responded, we just ordered food and drinks, if...