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Recent content by gluegun

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    Time Mandates for Permits to Carry

    imported post The CCDL has created a document explaining the time periods mandated by the Connecticut General Statutes as it relates to the permitting process. Ed Peruta has previously posted on this topic. You can find the document here. The document is four pages long and includes...
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    Carry at a Contract Postal Unit

    imported post A while back there was discussion about where in, for example, a grocery store that contains a postal counter could one carry. These locations are called "Contract Postal Units" as they almost exclusively exist on private property and are run by private entities. The conflict...
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    Weapons Policies of various universities as applied to visitors

    imported post Can anyone point to a single weapons policy of any CT university that applies to visitors? All the policies I see are either in the student handbook or the employee handbook. As a visitor, I would be neither.
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    Local case gets referenced in new D.C. gun case

    imported post I didn't see this already posted, so I thought I'd offer it. For those not aware, Alan Gura (of Heller and McDonald fame) is working on the right to bear arms in D.C. with a new lawsuit. Background on the case is below. The part I want to bring up is in D.C.'s response to Gura's...
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    Permit to Carry vs (lack of) Stop-And-ID

    imported post Connecticut is not a stop-and-ID state. You are not required to hand over your identification unless you are operating a motor vehicle. State v. Aloi says that you don't have to produce identification, but you do have to identify yourself if asked. While state law explicitly...
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    "Is that legal?" pamphlet officially available!

    imported post Here it is, in it's final version! http://ccdl.us/resources/documents/99-qis-that-legalq-carry-pamphlet Someone on another forum suggested carrying 4 or 5 trifolds folded in half again like a clamshell in your back pocket. When distributing, start from the inner most pamphlet...
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    Explanations of most CT criminial statutes

    imported post Jury instructions are given to juries in all criminal cases that describe the requirements of finding someone guilty of a crime. Here's a link to the jury instructions indexed by statute. http://www.jud.ct.gov/ji/criminal/indexbystatute.htm Thanks to jumpmaster for pointing me...
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    Unloaded carry while intoxicated?

    imported post I want to make sure I'm reading this right. It appears that under CT state law, it is lawful to carry an unloaded firearm while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs. What say you?
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    Great story out of California

    imported post http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/forum12/34926-1.html An unloaded open carrier in California protests a gun turn-in event and convinces a reporter to go shooting. We should try something similar.
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    Draft carry brochure

    imported post This is a draft of a brochure I've been working on for a few weeks now. The draft watermark is there to make sure people know it's only a draft. The content is complete, but I'm looking for more suggestions for improvements and of course I want people to check it for accuracy...
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    CT Statute describing long gun transportation?

    imported post Can someone point me to a CT statute that describes how one must transport long guns from, say, one residence to another as part of one's belongings. There are two statutes I've been looking at, but neither really apply. Sec. 29-38. Weapons in vehicles neither specifically...
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    McDonald v Chicago oral arguments scheduled

    imported post McDonald v Chicago is the next landmark court case for the Second Amendment. McDonald v Chicago was filed right after the Heller decision was released and is intended to incorporate the 2nd Amendment against states, counties, and towns. Today, a date was set for the oral...
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    Sad day for CCDL: Hops in Newington closes down

    imported post http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/around-town/food-drink/Hops-Not-Hopping-Anymore-71516837.html The Connecticut Citizens Defense League had their first meeting at Hops in Newington on February 16th, 2009.
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    Video from the CCDL picnic

    imported post Video from our first ever CCDL Open Carry Picnic! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDsEaE_d5jE
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    Ingels v. Morf

    imported post I'm convinced using permit fees to increase General Fund is unlawful. I found a US Supreme Court case from 1937 that involves states burdening interstate commerce (a recognized right) by charging fees. While the Supreme Court had previously decided that charging a fee to defray...