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Recent content by GONZO!!!

  1. GONZO!!!

    OC/CC Breakfast or Lunch in Lafayette

    Hi team... I am in the process of working through the logistics of scheduling an OC/CC Saturday morning breakfast/brunch in Lafayette sometime within the next 3 weeks. We are looking for some suggestions on where to meet. Some suggestions made so far from some interested parties are: 1) A...
  2. GONZO!!!

    Lafayette - Wednesday OC Lunch at Chik Fil A ...?

    Everyone here knows the recent BS about the CEO of ChikFilA exercising his First Amendment right of freedom of speech when he stated that he believes in a traditional marriage. He NEVER said that it was corporate policy. This is his personal view. Well, we have all seen how the rabid...
  3. GONZO!!!

    Interesting Article IN Police Magazine !!!

    Hi team.... After watching a video froma link posted in another forum on this site, I decided t go search my state's "Stop and Identify Statute" (I live in Indiana). I found this link to an article in policemag.com instructing officers on whether someone can or cannot refuse to show proper...
  4. GONZO!!!


    Hi Team... There is a thread on the Holster And Accessories Forum titled "Shoulder Holsters". In that thread there were several points made, but one laid out a question that as I thought it over, I had to twist it up a bit and came up with an important question... We all understand that alot...
  5. GONZO!!!


    Hi Team... Now that the weather is starting to warm up and we're going to start getting a little extra daylight, does anyone have any training scheduled? Looking for some OC/CC people who want to get together and train with their carry gear. I am near the Lafayette area so anywhere within 1 1/2...
  6. GONZO!!!

    Changing Mags

    Hi Team... So for almost 30 years I have always changed my carry mag once a week. I am a tried and true die hard aficionado of the 1911. I was taught a long time ago that leaving a magazine loaded will reduce spring tension and MIGHT cause a failure to feed due to a weakened spring. SO once a...
  7. GONZO!!!

    Cruise Lines, Customs, etc......have questions

    Hi Team... I tried to do a search for this topic and couldnt find it. If there is an existing thread, please post it. so, can anyone tell me if they have CC on a cruise line? Do they have metal detectors when you board or screening like they do at airports? Whta about at points of entry in...
  8. GONZO!!!

    ISO; Jackass / Galco Miami Classic style rig

    Hi Team... I am in search of a USED Jackass / Galco Miami classic style rig for 5" 1911 government model and two single stack mag holders on the off-side. Any similar rig by another manufacturer will be considered such as the Agent model, etc. Please send me an email and include a pic of the...
  9. GONZO!!!

    Near delphi...?

    Hi Gang... Anyone live near Delphi who wants to get together to train for reality tactical, IDPA, or USPSA, or any other shooting, drop me a message or email. I am usually a Mon-Fri 8-5 job with a little flexibility on Tues and Thurs afternoons. GONZO!!!