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Recent content by Ken56

  1. K

    Felony to train with firearms

    This is what happens when people don't vote. You can't tell me that rural VA is full of liberals who support this stuff. They get what they deserve for not getting off their lazy butts and voting. Good luck to VA now.
  2. K

    Michigan Bill Seeks To Hold Government and Businesses Liable For Shootings in Gun Free Zones

    Both observations are correct and I can agree with that. Sometimes we have no choice because there are no other options. So, do you conceal and keep your mouth shut when patronizing a private business? That is a personal choice but I usually obey the law myself, conduct my business quickly and...
  3. K

    Virginia’s Democratic Government Announced It Will Begin Confiscating Guns From Law-Abiding Gun Owners. Red State

    VA is the shining example of what happens when people don't vote. You can't tell me that rural VA is so liberal that they voted FOR this Democrat takeover. No way in hell. This is the challenge conservatives and gun owners face is motivating people to get off their duffs and vote. For people to...
  4. K

    Michigan Bill Seeks To Hold Government and Businesses Liable For Shootings in Gun Free Zones

    You have the right to NOT patronize.....that is the fly in this ointment.
  5. K

    TN Open Carry Report

    As a veteran or even a citizen who has another states permit means nothing as to getting a TN carry permit. You must go through the class and range time as any newbie has to. As to TN requiring a permit to carry in spite of our Constitutional right to bear arms I have contacted my...
  6. K

    Request for Participants, Gun Ownership Project

    I can't bring myself to trust this to be a real study. Why focus on white males? What about black males? Women? This sounds like a disaster in the making. This is likely a gun hater wanting to use any info collected against the legal firearm owning community.
  7. K

    Visiting Nashville, what places do not allow CCW

    Signs carry the weght of law in TN so if you see a sign don't carry past it. The TN thread is not a very active one as you can see.
  8. K

    Parkland part duex

    Even with that report out there is still the group of people that will accept nothing less than banning firearms for the law abiding citizen. Pointing out all the failures of the authorities and school personnel will no more convince the March for our lives gang that their common sense gun laws...
  9. K

    Universal M-1

    Anyone have any insight on this rifle? One is up for auction soon and I may be interested but I have no idea what may be a fair price. What I have found so far puts it between 250 and 350. Picture seems to show it in good shape.
  10. K

    My trip to VA

    Was uneventful as far as open carry went. I went up to Montross from East TN up I-81 to I-64 and around Richmond then out to Montross. Every place I stopped no one looked twice. No one cared enough to say anything either way. Lovely area.
  11. K


    OC'd at Yoder's Market and Deli in Bulls Gap (exit 23 off I-81, then west on 11E) yesterday. No one said a thing. It was very busy with people out enjoying the wonderful day and a good sandwich from their deli. If you haven't been there the deli is worth going for alone. Great place.
  12. K

    The Outlets at Oklahoma City

    Wife and I are passing thru OKC and we stopped at the outlets off I-40 at Council. Pulling into the parking lot there is a gun buster sign, "private property, no firearms". OK, so I have mine on me in the truck, look at my wife and say that we can't shop here. She also carries so she tells me...
  13. K

    traveling through out the state

    Wife and I will be RVing through out the state and I have been reading up on AZ carry law. I am puzzled a little bit by the many native American reservations. Does AZ state laws apply to them? Now I know Indian lands are their own nations in themselves and have their own laws too. Some states...
  14. K

    Planning an RV trip

    So I just finished checking Handgunlaw.us and find that Oregon does not honor any other states HCP. I don't have a lockable console/glove box so it has to be in plain view. The only way I can do that is put it on the dash board. Thats not happening. Oregon sucks big time. I will try to avoid...
  15. K

    State Parks

    While researching state parks to go camping in , most specifically Myrtle Beach, I noticed in the rules and regs. part it states no firearms allowed. Now, I understand that S.C. has complete state preemption or is Myrtle Beach 'special'. Lol, I have been there before and it is quite the freak...