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Recent content by mlawson

  1. mlawson

    Best Self Defense Ammo?

    155mm Howitzer FTW.
  2. mlawson

    Speaking of forum admin issues: map updates

    Can't see how he's making any money off this place. AdBlock takes care of most of the ads for me.
  3. mlawson

    Speaking of forum admin issues: map updates

    This confuses me even more. I would think most forum/site owners would get involved with the members, so you know, maybe enhance the community more based on users inputs? LOL.
  4. mlawson

    Speaking of forum admin issues: map updates

    How is there no one around to 'admin' the site? These sites don't just run themselves without someone coughing up money every month. I have my own VPS and it requires constant maintenance.
  5. mlawson

    Be the first to call the cops.

    Being an admin of several auto forums, I can attest that it does help the forum out if non-staff can quietly point out the rules without being a dick. I've seen Solus do this several times WITHOUT being a dick, but its the 'offended' posters that can't take constructive criticism turn into...
  6. mlawson

    Help me with Sept trip from Boise, ID to Florence, OR

    Just like Nazi New York....well, now that Homo Cuomo is going to be out of office soon, that might change.
  7. mlawson

    Now travelers can't take firearms into VA roadside rest area restrooms...

    Army's 4th General Order: Don't get caught
  8. mlawson

    Discrete car carry supermagnet

    It did appear he was a few tools short in the shed.
  9. mlawson

    Discrete car carry supermagnet

    I have yet to see that happen. Did see one OC'r at Walmart a year ago with a Glock, but nothing in the magazine well. SMH.
  10. mlawson

    Discrete car carry supermagnet

    It's like the ham radio operators over at QRZ.com that show off their shack/radios/towers etc. Given their callsign is attached to every post, this callsign gives exact physical home address. SMH.
  11. mlawson


    Whoopedy doo. Arizona has been OC without permit since what, 2010? Rarely ever see it.
  12. mlawson

    Gov. Cuomo declares state of emergency on gun violence

    Several times you misspelled Mr. Cuomo. The correct term would be Dictator Cuomo. ;) There are already a few counties attempting to become 2A sanctuaries. It only takes one county. The rest will hopefully follow. Glad I don't live there anymore.
  13. mlawson

    i95 shut down due to “11 armed individuals standing with long guns"

    Dougie doesn't read very well does he? Looks like someone reads what he wants and just shoots from the holster.
  14. mlawson

    i95 shut down due to “11 armed individuals standing with long guns"

    Just had to look it up for MA, boy they are ruthless want to know everything... https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/resources/ccw_reciprocity_map/ma-gun-laws/