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Recent content by NMOCr

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    The legality of non-government mandated gun-free zones

    Historically.. The 2nd Amendment was not incorporated against the states until 2010 Heller. Even if you argue that the 14th Amendment incorporated it.. that was over 70 years after the 2nd Amendment was made into law.. The problem with people today, is that they do not understand that the first...
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    The legality of non-government mandated gun-free zones

    Prior to the 1890s, the right of business to exclude ANYONE was understood in the law, as an absolute right of private property owners. The Constitution was written to define specific Federal Government rights and prohibitions of the Federal Government toward the people. It did not regulate...
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    Open carry lawsuit?

    Just wondering why no one has decided to challenge 46.02 as unconstitutional in court? I know Grisham has perhaps a good case for appeal, but where is the other lawsuits? Yes we need to fix this through the legislature, but a dual pronged attack is, in my opinion, a good idea.
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    Open carry NM state fair Governor letter

    I am wanting to encourage everyone to go to the Governor's office and to politely write a letter asking for your constitutional rights to be protected. Here is the letter I just sent: I am writing about the NM state fair, and is illegal denial of access for open and concealed carry citizens...
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    NRA hurting gun rights by pushing CC over OC in lawsuits?

    It seems to me that every lawsuit that the NRA is pushing through the courts right now has one common thread to them. That Concealed carry should be the right of the land, while Open carry can be banned. Unfortunately for the NRA, its a legal path that goes directly against nearly 210 years of...
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    Open carry handgun lawsuit possible?

    I am just wondering, is there any cases that have been brought against Texas for their open carry handgun bans? I cant seem to find any. Yet I could swear that I read that there was one back in the 1800's. THanks. Jacob.
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    Silence is not an option, you must invoke 5th amendment now!

    SCOTUS has just ruled in a 5-4 decision that you must "invoke" your 5th amendment rights immediately if a cop starts to "interregate" you. Otherwise they can now use "your silence" against you in a court. This is a stupid ruling, that will get more uneducated people thrown in jail, as they will...
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    Whitehouse petition to protect carrying of firearms outside home

    Here is my petition to counter the anti-gun folks about protecting American's right to carry a gun outside the home, and on prohibiting the coming "assault weapons ban". Please sign. Thanks every...
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    Target shooting on Fed/state/county public lands?

    Anyone know what the requirements are for target shooting on Federal/state/Mckinley county lands? Do you have to have written permission as I think the NM department of gaming says you do with private land? I know there is a 150yrd requirement from occupied buildings, that you can not shoot...