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Recent content by Savage.Detroit

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    Why worry about the Dems. when republicans are trying to take your guns

    Kind of late on this but take a look at HB 6139. I think this could be dangerous especially to open carry because of the immunity it gives local LEA if they sell or destroy your firearm unlawfully. Here is the text of the house bill...
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    Paul Scott for SOS

    I contacted all 5 of the GOP Secretary of State candidates about where they stood on CPL processing going to the SOS over county boards. I believe only a couple bothered to respond including Paul Scott who is currently in the State House. He was a little concerned how this would be...
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    Another Picnic this weekend (Manchester)

    Former Red Wing Scotty Boman will be there.
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    Pure Kustom Holsters: Black Ops Pro

    I just order a Black Ops Pro holster from Pure Kustom. The holster is designed to work as both as a IWB and OWB. I called up Rocky, the owner, and he had one for me in stock and he shipped it to me the same day. So, I will be stalking the mail lady soon. I will carry it for a couple weeks and...
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    Holster recommendations for a 1911

    Hey all, I just picked up my first 1911 (5 inch) so I need some holster recommendations for Ocing. I had been using the Serpa but I would like something in leather. Let me know what works for you, Thanks, Savage
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    Never mind

    Sorry had to delete but see my thread at MGO Marketplace.
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    Meijer Deli Counter Conversation

    imported post I was at the Meijer deli counter when a young lady asked me if I had a CCW. I informed her that yes, I have a CPL. She then told me if I knew I was brandishing and that was illegal in Michigan. At this point, I thought I was dealing with a anti but turned out she was...
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    Told to leave twice in two days

    imported post Sunday, my son and I walked around the GM Renaissance Center for a while. We stopped at the Starbucks, wandered around, then walked the River Walk. As we were cutting back thru the building on the way to the car, I was stopped by several security guards. They were nice. The...
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    CPL in hand finally!!!!

    imported post I was told by a credible source that I was approved at the April 14th gun board meeting for Wayne County. I stalked the mail lady for 3 weeks until I went down there and was told I wasn't approved and maybe I would be in June. I checked with my source and figured WaCo was...
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    PBS: Featuring Open Carry Movement!

    imported post Already posted on the VA forum. Here in the D it airs at 1:30 am, Channel 287 (Comcast) or Channel 56.2 http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/forum66/43746.html
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    OCing in Canton tonight

    imported post I was going to miss this but my schedule cleared up. Sorry it is last minute but if anyone wants to attend, I'll be OCing. I haven't cleared OCing with C4L or the restaurant. Not that I should have too just saying. ------------------------------- Campaign for Liberty’s Region 11...
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    OC and a Psuedo-Security Guard

    imported post I serve on the board of a non-profit community clinic. We have an individual who works as a security guard. He is not a professional security guard. In fact, he was the janitor before. So first, I am wondering if any laws are broken? If not then I move to another question...
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    Protest outside Denver Starbucks

    imported post I guess they could only find retirees for the protest. I say cancel their senior discount, lol! No, not really. http://www.thedenverdailynews.com/article.php?aID=8102 Gun control activists yesterday protested outside a Denver Starbucks in hopes of convincing the chain to make...
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    OC and Process Serving

    imported post A friend of the family has asked me to serve divorce papers and a PPO to her abusive husband. I think I would take a special joy in doing so but haven't answered yet. I expect that most professional process servers carry. Any issues or comments to share about OCing while...
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    Handgun Transport Question - Mag ok to keep on person?

    imported post No CPL yet, still pending :( Is there any reason I can't wear my spare magazine on my mag holster while transporting my firearm in case in the trunk?