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Recent content by thewise1

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    Moving from Washington to Idaho

    I'm moving from Washington to Idaho this weekend. Looking forward to it! I wanted to know if anyone knows at what point my WA CPL becomes invalid in the move process. I'll be getting the enhanced license in Idaho as I'll be in Moscow and right on the border, but I know that takes a few months...
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    Saw an OCer on hwy 167 a few minutes ago

    Riding a motorcycle, southbound in Kent. /wave if you're one of us :)
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    Is there a definition for private schools as it pertains to 9.41.280 in the RCWs?

    I ask because my 3 year old son receives treatment for autism at a facility that is very ill defined in terms of what they are, and I want to know if I need to lock up my pistol in the car when I go in there for conferences or to pickup/dropoff. Kinda seems like one could make an argument that...
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    OC'ed for the first time the other night

    It was fairly cowardly, just on an evening walk in Lake Stevens with my wife & Glock 22. Already dark out. No SWAT teams dropped from choppers, by the time we were done, I forgot I was carrying. Was fun to exercise liberty! Since we don't yet have CPLs, I need to stay 1000'+ away from any...
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    carrying a rifle in the north cascades national park

    I know this isn't technically an OC question, but I've always been able to find good information here, so thought I'd ask. I know that we can now have firearms in national parks as long as they are legally carried, but I unfortunately don't have a handgun; all I have is an AR15 and a .22 rifle...
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    What are the rules on handgun purchases in Idaho?

    imported post OCDO and my buddies have convinced me to move beyond just rifles and pick up a handgun (so I can OC it, of course) and I saw some pistols that I really liked at Cabelas a week ago or so. At the time I wasn't thinking about buying, but now I am. the situation is this: I'm a...
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    Ranges in Spokane

    imported post Gonna be in Spokane for a week or two on business, and my best friend in Spokane just picked up an XD-9, so we're hoping to hit up a range where all of our firearms are welcome. (AR-15, .22LR, and XD-9) In Seattle the range I used to go to - Sams gun club - won't let me shoot...
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    Vacationing in Platinum in a couple weeks

    imported post So I'm vacationing in Platinum in a couple of weeks (part of the wife's family lives out there in BFE) and aside from the fact that it's extremely remote, I don't know what kind of laws there are on firearms in alaska. I don't have any handguns (sorry, this isn't technically OC...
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    These polls are so stupid.

    imported post http://www.wesh.com/news/15298911/detail.html Apparently, someone in the media found out that the space station has a gun on board. In spite of their admission that an astronaut bent on orbital manslaughter could throw some switches and kill his colleagues, they think removing...