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2 Utah CHP Classes at Tyson's Corner, June 2 & 9, $90, 11AM-3PM, Includes Fingerprint


Regular Member
Feb 28, 2010
2 Utah CHP Classes at Tyson's Corner, June 2 & 9, $90, 11AM-3PM, Includes Fingerprint

This class is being held at Tyson's Corner!

This class includes the Utah mandated fingerprinting (no trudging off to a police dept. and paying extra) and an addressed envelope, you bring a copy of your drivers license and VA CHP (if applicable), a passport size photo and two stamps and you're ready to drop it in the mail!

Utah now requires that if you are a resident of a State reciprocal with Utah (VA, PA, are, MD & DC are not) you must have a home State concealed carry permit in order to obtain a Utah Permit. If you do not already have a VA permit I will provide a certificate that meets VA, Fl, & AZ requirements for training at no additional charge.

Class starts at 11AM and runs approx. 4 hours. This is a classroom only course and we require that you already be familiar with handguns to attend. After the Utah Class I give an "after the class", class which covers your eyes and low light/night shooting, moving while shooting and different scenarios you, hopefully, will never run into.

NOTE: Wisconsin has announced that they now recognize Utah permits but, at this time, do not recognize VA permits.

For more information call 703-828-7058 or go to: www.utahconcealedcarryclass.com