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a new poll to flood

Badger Johnson

Regular Member
Jan 12, 2011

Baked on Grease

Regular Member
Jul 4, 2011
Sterling, Va.
I might help someone with funds or advice but I don't think I'd want to buy someone a handgun (except a signif. other). So, I don't think I can hit that poll truthfully. Besides, I'm not sure I see how it helps 'the cause'.
Agreed to some extent, except that the results still could be pointed to if it swings toward the anti's thinking as an example of how "behind the times" we are. Edit: Especially with how that second answer is worded... >.<

I hear the "record number of americans own guns" thing spewn too often. If I recall correctly at one time not too long ago, we had 30 million or so citizens in America.... and you were looked down on for NOT owning guns, nearlly all had guns in the home. Their record number thing might be "in modern times" but they never out that caveat into their report.

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