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Regular Member
Jun 24, 2006
Dale City, VA, Virginia, USA
With the imposition of new NFA rules in July, the Trust situation has changed a bit but it's still a good idea for many reasons.
With 41F in effect, individuals are no longer required to get a sign off from local CLEO, just send a notification form.
The new rules actually put more requirements on Trusts. The CLEO notification is required, and photos and prints of "responsible persons" on the Trust need to be submitted. While this may seem to be a good reason to forego use of a Trust, many of the reasons for using one remain.
-Trustees can have possession of Trust assets.
-In the event something happens to the Grantor of the Trust, there's someone who can legally handle and transfer items.
just to list two. If you have questions John is great at answering them for you.

Even during a busy time for him, John got my Trust done and returned to me extremely quickly. I can't recommend his services highly enough.