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Alabama sex shop offers customers chance to swap guns for sex toys in Valentines Day


Regular Member
Aug 25, 2008
Richmond, Virginia, USA
Surely this is a joke???

Pleasures, a store in Huntsville that bills itself as a "one-stop romance shop," rolled out a promotion Tuesday that allows customers to trade in their guns for sex toys.

Owner Sherri Williams said she's hoping her shop's guns-for-toys promotion, which ends Feb. 15, will help down-on-their luck lovers who can't afford to buy a gift.

"You never know, maybe there will be someone who says, 'I've got this gun that I could go rob a liquor store with, or maybe I can get me a blowup doll for Valentine's Day, instead," Williams told AFP.

"I'm also in it to get guns off the street -- to take them out of the hands of people who would potentially do harm with them, and put them in the hands of collectors," Williams told AFP.



so, can i run a reverse of this? remove someone's 'power take off unit', take it to the store, and get a free gun in return?