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Amelia County Concealed carry permit.update


Regular Member
Jul 23, 2008
Amelia County, virginia
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While I do open carry much of the time that I carry my gun, I wanted to get my CCW permit for the colder, when my gun might be covered by a winter jacket. The thread referenced in the link below details my problems with the application.


I reapplied on September 5th and included a copy of my state police criminal records check(which I had made at my own expense) along with a letter explaining the 1974 incident, and why that even if I had a misdemeanor conviction in 1974(I did not) I was not required to report it on the CCW application, because the application asks only for misdemeanor convictions in the 5 years immediately preceding the date of the application. Ity all must have worked out, because I received my permit in the mail today, just 35 days after re-submitting the application. Thanks to all of you for the advice given in my original thread and special thanks to Philip Van Cleeve for his advice. I am not yet a member of VCDL, but I intendto remedy that in the near future.