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An Alternative to Youtube Censorship


Regular Member
Jul 11, 2017
Planet Earth
In the March 2019 issue of "American Hunter" was an article in the column "First Light" about the censorship and demonetization of almost any pro-2A channel. The article mentioned several sites for alternatives that might be of interest.

The first two are NRA sponsored but have a variety of videos. The links are: https://www.americanhunter.org/sundaygunday and https://www.americanrifleman.org/artv.

There are three others also listed but one, imeo.com, caused Firefox to balk at going there. I forced the issue and some BS ad popped up instead so I do NOT advise that site.

The other two require you to do a fair amount of searching to find hunting or gun repair videos. Those sites are https://vimeo.com and https://videos.utahgunexchange.com/. The article had listed the Utah Gun Exchange as "ugetube.com" but it then switched to the link I listed above.

If you have any other links for such videos, I hope you will post them for others to check out.


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Aug 7, 2007
Granite State of Mind
"imeo" sounds like someone typed Vimeo incorrectly in the article, and going there will take you to a squatter site. Scammers buy up domain names that are common mis-spellings of popular sites, and use them for advertising and/or spreading viruses.