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Another Star Advertiser Poll -- same mostly negative results...


Campaign Veteran
Jan 13, 2007
El Paso, TX (formerly Colorado Springs, CO)
As in keeping with the other poll recently posted here, MOST Honolulu Star Advertisers responding to the newspaper's current poll want stricter guns laws.

[see attached screen-capture of poll results presently]

I guess there's no wonder then why HI has been so anti-gun and repressive since statehood: The majority of its residents apparently WANT it that way.

So what to do? Keep trying (at least) to go for "shall-issue" or just throw in the towell, give up and let them be?


  • Star Advertiser Gun Law Poll (as of 12-18-12).png
    Star Advertiser Gun Law Poll (as of 12-18-12).png
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