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Armed Vs Unarmed

Law abider

Regular Member
Aug 17, 2011
Ellsworth Wisconsin
A mother was placing her infant in the car after shopping at Walmart. Two assailants decided to pounce on her. A good unarmed Samaritan got out of his car to help to help. Guess what happened to him? Another good samaritan got out of his car to help. He was armed. Guess who died? Though we must choose whom we can help because even an armed good samaritan can get shot or killed, in this case it was a right move. It pays to exercise your 2A.


color of law

Accomplished Advocate
Oct 7, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Investigators said a man got out of his car to help the woman and was shot multiple times. They said another man saw what happened, got out of his car and shot one of the attackers dead.
The bad guy was shot dead. Dead, man, the sucker was shot dead. By a good guy citizen no less.

I just hope the good guy doesn't second guess himself.


Jan 14, 2012
earth's crust
All we hear is what the .govs wants you to hear right now. Is it total fantasy (they previously said that they had the 2nd guy -- wrong) ? Who knows.