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Background check now includes social media history??


Regular Member
Jul 31, 2011
North Carolina
It will pass, but as soon as it reaches SCOTUS it will be ruled unconstitutional. Clear violation of the 5th amendment. On the up side if it reaches the high court it could be an end to FOID card.


Regular Member
Dec 5, 2012
I guess it's "lawful" if it becomes "law." Nice thing is it wouldn't be subjective, ever. No way. If they found:

"Screw the fuzz" - "Kill the pigs" - that's OK; hippies are Dems, need them.

BLM police death threats and "Kill white people" - that's OK; can't be racist.

"Kill SUV drivers" - "Kill Trump fans" - that's OK; more Dems and Green friends.

"Death to America" - "Kill all infidels" - that's OK, welcome all beliefs.

Violent criminal Latino gangs and individuals - that's OK, give them a chance.

Foreign agents - illegal immigrants - that's OK, no proven threat.

NRA and gun org/forum members - slow down, need more scrutiny!

Black and Latino Republicans or Trump fans - whoa, major red flag!

Legal immigrants - suspicious, back of the line please!

Constitutionalists - we need a SWAT team at this address pronto!!!


Regular Member
Jul 11, 2017
Planet Earth
It boils down to the fact that "Ill-annoy" is getting "screwed" three times as the "donkeys" now control all three "houses" - reps., sen., & governor. With that supermajority, the laundry list of bills coming down is absolutely ridiculous.
They have already passed a bill duplicating what the feds do to FFLs and with even more restrictions. Some businesses have already indicated they won't comply and will close.
They are trying to put an onerous tax on each round of ammo you buy.
A bill in committee now would make gun owners culpable if they don't notify police within 72 hours of discovering a lost or stolen gun. A separate bill would cause your FOID to be revoked if you have more than "X" number of thefts within a certain time frame. These two P.o.S. bills would victimize gun owners coming and going.


Regular Member
Nov 5, 2015
Just curious. How pray tell will they prove a person knew a particular gun was stolen of when they realized it.