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Before you buy a Blade-Tech holster


Regular Member
Nov 15, 2010
Seattle, WA; escaped from 18 years in TX
Some cautionary advice. I ordered a Blade-Tech Drop/Offset paddle holster a little while back. Before you order anything from them, take note of a couple things:
  1. They don't want you to know about the lead time on shipment.
    Be aware that they don't indicate out-of-stock on holsters. They will tell you if accessories are out of stock, but not holsters. Assume that holsters could require 6-8 weeks of production time before shipping. While this is pretty standard for the holster industry, so is telling you in advance. Blade-Tech doesn't.
  2. Explicitly request low-profile, flat-head attachment screws.
    If you order a paddle holster from them anyway, be aware that the holster I received shipped with attachment screws that stand well proud of the miniscule recess in the belt retention clip. The result is that my brand new JBP leather belt got gouged to hell by the dome-head Phillips screws the holster shipped with before I finally got them to send me some new screws. To their credit, they sent me news screws free, but the screws they sent were counter-sink machine screws, which are not appropriate for the needed usage.

It's a good product, but their website is misleading with regard to in-stock availability, and you will not be happy with what the default screws do to your belt. If anyone has recommendations on where I can find short-shank, flat-head (not slot-drive, flat-head) screws with a shallow thread pitch, let me know. This crap Blade-Tech sent me is pants.


Campaign Veteran
Jan 15, 2007
Try a hardware store.

Not a place full of small household dry goods like mops & pails and canning supplies and dog collars, but a hardware store.

Bring your holster and the screws you want to replace. Show them to the guy in charge of the screws and fasteners department. If he does not do it automatically, ask him to guage the pitch and thread of the screws you brought in. Then let him show you what he carries - you may want to consider alternatives to flat-head, or you may be insistent because you do not want to buy yet another driver.

stay safe.


Regular Member
Aug 7, 2012
S. Kitsap, Washington state
Next time you need a blade tech drive down to Bullseye gun shop in tacoma, they're one of the authorized retail outlets and have a large selection of BT in stock on the shelves...