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Best way to get a town ordinance changed?


Regular Member
Apr 12, 2011
Franklin Co., NC
I was wondering if anyone had any experience fighting restrictive town laws, specifically in regards to park carry?

I am moving to a new house that is about 20 yards from a park. I checked the front entrance and it is posted, no firearms at anytime, concealed or otherwise. I would really like to take advantage of the closeness of this park, but I also want to be able to carry. What is the best way to try to get this law repealed? I was thinking I could argue that the new State legislation legalized carry in state parks, and my town should follow suit. Is this the kind of thing GRNC would help with? I'm really just wondering what is the most effective method of attempting something like this and appreciate your input..Thanks!

Doble Troble

Regular Member
Mar 23, 2011
Concealed carry in parks has been legal since Dec. 1...

You can now carry concealed in parks except in limited areas that include; athletic facilities, athletic fields and playgrounds, and these areas MUST be specifically posted. Some municipalities have illegally posted entire parks. Carry is legal according to state law, but not municipal ordinance, and that's a hornet's nest that individuals need to take care about stirring. They're from the government, and they are there to help.

Many municipalities outlawed concealed carry in parks indiscriminately, and so old signs posting against carry may still be up - although concealed carry bans are unenforceable except in the limited areas specified in the new law: http://www.ncga.state.nc.us/Sessions/2011/Bills/House/PDF/H650v6.pdf.

Indiscriminate park bans against concealed carry are no longer possible, but "display bans" may still be in effect that will restrict open carry, so you also have to look into your municipal ordinances.

Is this the freedom our Founders wanted us to have, and that so many have died for?

The best way to get gun ordinances changed is to learn about how our municipal government works. Attend their meetings and speak against the ordinance. Write letters to the editor of your local paper pointing-out the problems created by "gun free zones". And join and become active in GRNC: http://grnc.org/

The antis make things as convoluted and complicated as they can - its a tactic that we must resist.

If you ever thought there was such a thing as "common-sense" restrictions, get rid of that impulse now and meditate on what the meaning of "shall not be infringed" is.
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Regular Member
Sep 23, 2009
Grennsboro NC
Indiscriminate park bans against concealed carry are no longer possible, but "display bans" may still be in effect that will restrict open carry, so you also have to look into your municipal ordinances..

Technically, a municipal or local "display ban" is not legal in NC due to state preemption, with the exception of Cary and Chapel Hill.

Any city, town, or county with such an ordinance would have enacted that rule in violation of State Preemption, and in violation of "State v. Fennel" which was the case that upheld Chapel Hill's "Saturday Night Special" carry ban...

If you've got a full-size handgun, and aren't in Cary or Chapel Hill, I can find no legal way for a city to ban OC of such a firearm, in either statute or case law.

But IANAL, and my opinion is worth exactly as much as you paid for it...


Regular Member
Jan 29, 2009
Hickory, NC, ,
First, find out if they have even addressed the new law. If they have not, find out when they plan to. Email and call everyone voting, then show up at the meeting and voice your opinion. 40 people showed up at the Hickory city council meeting, and we may now have the least restrictive parks carry laws in the state. Nothing will be posted. However, they did specifically ban OC. Like Dreamer said, I'm not sure that's completely kosher. But one step at a time. I may have to let it calm down a bit and then start asking questions.