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Bridgeport Mayor


Regular Member
Sep 22, 2007
Enfield, Connecticut, USA
My letter got published...in response to what he wrote..


Mayor Bill Finch's recent anti-civil rights article was appalling. Imagine a two-week waiting period before you could practice a religion. How about a permit requirement and two-month wait before freedom of the press could be exercised? Maybe we could use microstamping to track every ballot and who we vote for? How about we ban the open display of free speech?

An attack on one of our civil rights is an attack on all of them. The great Martin Luther King Jr said it best: "A right delayed is a right denied."

Erik Provost, East Windsor

It was in response to this...

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Regular Member
Apr 26, 2010
Mountain Top
I think Mr. Finch is related to our good friend Mayor Daily! It's no wonder Bridgeport is the S*IT hole of CT. Yea, lets restrict law abiding citizens from owning guns so only the scum of the Earth have and use them against YOU! Perhaps Mayor Finch should concentrate on turning around one of the WORST cities in the U.S. before restricting our 2nd Amendment rights!!!



Regular Member
Jun 24, 2008
New Britain, Connecticut, USA
You know what??

It gets really really depressing to read the unimaginitive crap that comes from the mouths of gun-grabbing vermin, like the esteemed Mayor of Bridgeport. It never changes!!

'assault weapons ban'
'waiting periods'
'restricting open carry'
'common sense'

...blah blah blah....

What a crock of ****!



Regular Member
Jun 14, 2008
Plainville, CT, ,
"... like me because I firmly believe that state and local legislators have the best idea on how keep their citizens safe."
-Mayor Booger Eater

HOLY SH!T!!! What an arrogant piece of crap! This is what our Gov't is being run by? Where does his logic come from? Movies? Dreams? I wouldn't shake this guy's hand....let him decide how to keep me safe? Right.
I bet he has an armed security staff watching his six all the time. It's easy to feel safe traveling like that. Try living in the real world for a day, hell, maybe even in Bridgeport, with no means of protection......*******.