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Bristol Range Posted: No CCW


Regular Member
Oct 8, 2011
Milwaukee Wisconsin
Bristol has had this attitude for years, the sign went up months before the C.C.W. law went into effect.

I have assisted with a few classes and shot there once or twice over the years. Unless you are one of the “cool kids” you are not safe enough, trained right, or know what you are doing.

Last time I taught there the board changed the rules 7 times on me / us in one weekend. And who could forget the old man “board member” who stood watch over class like a hungry scavenger, interjecting snippets of his wisdom at will like: Remember drag the person you just had to shoot back into the house.. ect.

Unless you have no other choice why even go there? Try R.C.L.R.C. or D.B.

For those who do not enjoy riddles or acronyms:

Racine County Line Rifle Club http://my.rclrc.net/

Daniel Boone Conservation League in Richfield WI http://www.dbcl.org/