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Can I change the name of my NFA trust?

John Pierce

Staff member
May 5, 2006
Recently I was contacted by a client who had, in years past, used a software package to make his own NFA trust.

He had successfully registered several suppressors using the trust but had run into trouble when he decided that he wanted to build an SBR.

If you are familiar with the process of building an SBR, I suspect that you can guess what the problem was. When you ‘manufacture’ an NFA item using a Form 1, you are required to engrave the name of the ‘manufacturer’ on the resulting NFA item (usually the lower if you are building an SBR).

When it is a trust that is ‘manufacturing’ the item then it is the trust name that is considered the ‘manufacturer.’ The problem this created is that the software package had, by default, named his trust something along the lines of ‘The John Andrew Pierce Revocable Living Trust of August 2011.’

That was not going to fit on his lower.

He contacted me to ask the question “Can I change the name of my trust?”

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