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Carrying this past weekend....


Regular Member
Jul 5, 2011
Made a run around Avon OC'ing...

Two stops to Hobby Lobby...I forgot the RTV that I was going to get the first time.
First time was A OK...
Second time I got into a nice conversation with cute check out girl, but also noticed that the effimate manager stood around nearby watching me like I was going to do something "mean and awful".
As I left I told him. "Don't worry...I'm one of the good guys...It stays in it's holster until needed."
He just blinked and stared at me...

Jack in the Box...Had the ultimate cheeseburger...No probs there...Good food too!

Hobby store in Plainfield...no problem....

Menards in Avon...no problem...got a couple of thumbs up, and a good discussion with the Direct TV guy that also OC's along with his GF. I gave him this site and said, "Join us!"...They also sell Shasta and good Rootbeer there...

Had a couple of Menards employees say "It's good to see someone carrying."

All in all, no real problems....Interesting that my first encounter with a person asking about OC was in Hobby Lobby and the recent one where the manager "Watched me"...was there also...
Ah well...the girl was cute and I can ignore them until they say something.

End of report...