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Chatham County Violating State Law - Weapons License Application Delays


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Aug 22, 2013
here nc
In Georgia, you cannot openly carry (or conceal carry) a handgun without a license. Chatham County is going WAY beyond the time limit under state law to issue that license to you.


phil, your cite you referenced...

you make disjointed statement(s), e.g. FBI NICS, forum members comments, records request, mandamus comment, finishing up with a plug to join xyz for $20!

let’s start at the beginning...16-11-129 http://gaprobate.gov/content/weapons-carry-licenses

1. FBI NICS doesn’t do background check for GA concealed permits, GBI does per 16-11-129(a).

2. gathering random commentary off another site without context or background of poster’s unique situation(s) to make a point is bad form especially since you do not know nor state if the posters actually live in chatham county!

3. havent done any records requests before have you? suggestion: you normally do not lambast and vent your anger towards those who are going to respond to your official government request. also you failed to state when you did is as there is no submission date nor any indication they received your request nor if they responded!

4. your out of context use of the word mandamus, 16-11-129(j) covers the reference nicely. oh plug for the attorney was a nice touch!

5. after your rant, telling everyone to join xyz for $20/year was just precious!

now, phil why not complain about the county charging $48 for fingerprinting and background check when the nice statute (c) states $5 shall be charged and nothing for background check!
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Aug 10, 2011
Atlanta, GA
My Reply To Solus' Diatribe

Solus, there is a NICS check run, as well as a GBI check. One is Federal and one is State. They are both done.

That was no random commentary from GeorgiaPacking. It was dated statements of forum members waiting on their weapons license from Chatham County.

If you believe otherwise, state your case. I'm not a prosecuting attorney presenting evidence in a courtroom, so I did not deposition the witnesses to make them prove their location. I just took them at their word, so give me a small break, okay?

WTOC just ran a story TODAY about the FIVE MONTH DELAYS. Please try to keep up.

My lambasting of Chatham County was warranted. They have been at this (the delays) for MONTHS. I sent the open records request the same day I published the article. Please try to actually read my open records request. At no point did I lambast them for not responding to me in a timely manner.

No, not out of context. The law provides for a mandamus action when a judge does not issue the license in a timely fashion.

Yes, I plugged the attorney because he is the best. I do not receive ANYTHING for doing so. So yes, nice touch.

And yes, I plugged Georgia Carry. I'm a paying member, but don't get ANYTHING for plugging them. They have done more than ANY other organization to forward gun carry rights in Georgia. Period.

And about the $48 dollars Chatham County charges. My issue with them was the delay, and the fact that state law allows a strong remedy for that. You got a problem with that?

I'd like to deal with one issue at a time, thank-you-very-much.

Perhaps the complaintants can bring up the fees when they initiate a mandamus action. Perhaps the judge that orders the county to issue the licenses to them will also order their fees refunded for their trouble.
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