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CNN Fake cops rob video store.


Regular Member
Mar 29, 2011
N.W. Pa.
Boy, their day got ruined. They thought they would come away with some shiny diamonds and do some partying. I love when these BG's s@#t themselves trying to get out the door quick enough.


Regular Member
Jan 14, 2012
Greater Eastside Washington
Cop and criminals, it's too hard to tell them apart anymore.

Cops dressing up in black breaking into homes and criminals dressing up in a uniforms and robbing stores...

It would have been interesting of those two guys were real cops.... If they are not then this would give cause to not listen to someone just because they are in a police uniform. How interesting the world has become.


you'd think rather than going through all the effort to dress up, and act like cops, they'd stay home, go to the internet, and learn how to hack their cable boxes for free movies. i would tend to be a very lazy criminal if i ever went that way.
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