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Coming soon to Michigan courtesy of Michael Bloomberg!


Regular Member
Jan 14, 2009
Northwest Kent County, Michigan
Got this in my email inbox today (yes I am on the anti's mailing list - know your opposition)!

XXX --

Oregon just officially became the 18th state to require background checks for all handgun sales and the sixth since Sandy Hook to close loopholes in their background check laws.

This is the latest victory for our state-by-state strategy: working methodically, chipping away at the gun lobby's outsize influence, and winning fight-after-fight until common-sense gun laws are the national norm.

We never said it would be easy, but with you by our side, the NRA can't stop this state-by-state victory march.

Donate $18 right now in honor of the 18 states with background checks, and we'll put your gift to work right away in the fight for background checks for ALL gun sales in America.

Don't let the NRA stop this progress

Change takes a long time in Washington, D.C. -- which is why in addition to our work strengthening federal laws, we're also expanding common-sense gun laws in the states where loopholes make it easy for criminals and other dangerous people to get guns.

In the last three years, we've fought for and won strong background check laws in six states, including Colorado, Connecticut, and Washington State. And now Oregon.

Winning means overcoming the gun lobby and its extremist allies in state legislatures across the country. It means making the case for common-sense gun laws in the media, equipping volunteers with the tools and training to convince lawmakers, and investing in groundbreaking research that tells the true story of gun violence in America.

You can help fuel this effort by donating $18 for the 18 states that have background checks for all gun sales right now.
I am so grateful for your support. Together, we've made remarkable progress over the last several years -- and I can't wait for more victories like this one.

Thank you for everything,

Brina Milikowsky
Chief Strategy Officer
Everytown for Gun Safety

* * * * *

The strangulation of our rights continues! It is only a short matter of time before the juggernaut reaches Michigan.

Ideas anyone?


Jan 14, 2012
earth's crust
I'm on a few commie lists too ... its good to know I'm no longer a "terrorist" and have been downgraded to an "extremist"... or maybe I'm an "extreme terrorist"? Whatever, they can call me what ever they want ... American is what it actually means.

Rusty Young Man

Regular Member
Jun 19, 2013
Árida Zona
I think we've already seen what MAD mommies and the Bloomberg astroturf groups want, so this should be no surprise.

The real enemy is ignorance, a sad condition which the antis are all too happy to facilitate. If pool, fire, and sexual education are included in school curricula to promote safety, then why are firearms safety courses not offered as well?
The same people who would denounce "abstinence-only" education for not addressing important questions -- thereby leading to higher likelihood of teen pregnancy and/or STDs -- also tend to be the ones who most loudly protest against a gun safety class in schools. If "abstinence-only" doesn't seem to work, what makes them think "don't-touch-guns" education will?
Just some musings on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

I'm on a few commie lists too ... its good to know I'm no longer a "terrorist" and have been downgraded to an "extremist"... or maybe I'm an "extreme terrorist"? Whatever, they can call me what ever they want ... American is what it actually means.

Join the club.
-From a fellow "radical" and/or "extremist".:cool: