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Curious as to any OCers around Springfield/Greenbrier?


Regular Member
Apr 24, 2012
Cookeville TN
Hello everyone, Im waiting on my permit right now, just wondering if there were any of you that carry regularly in Springfield/Greenbrier area? I see a lot for Nashville and other larger metro areas, but Im curious about the OC experiences around this area? Any stories, good or bad, would be appreciated. I have a FireStar M43 nine mill personally, and that will most likely be my everyday carry. Thanks in advance for anything you have.


New member
Jun 17, 2012
Greenbrier, Tn
I CC/OC in Greenbrier/Springfield

I haven't had any bad experiences up this way yet. I get some interesting looks though. Only had my permit for a couple months. The only place I even know of that is posted is the YMCA & it's not even a legal posting. Shhhh! I work in Nashville and I can't say that anyone really pays attention anywhere that I do carry. I have an owb holster and just cover it with my shirt. Most of my shirts do not cover the entire holster. I don't go out to intentionally OC but I don't try to hide it either. I do OC when I see beggers & bums around. Mostly at gas stations & stores close to work in Nashville. The clerk at the gas station near my house OC's while he's working. I have heard it's kinda normal around hear to see people out and about with guns. For me it's too uncomfortable with an iwb holster. I did kinda get a good long stare from a Robertson County Sheriff in Springfield at a gas station over this past weekend. I made sure to let him see it was definitely a gun sticking out of my shirt. I dunno if he was trying to figure out if I was a cop or what. If anyone knows any place around here that is posted please let us know so we can stay away. I have CC/OC to, O'Charley's, Ablebee's, Walmart, mexican place beside Walmart, Lowe's, Verizon, Mcd's, Kroger & several other gas station and stores up here.