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Danville Register & Bee Editorial: Time for a Change?


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May 15, 2006
Northern VA, Virginia, USA
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This is an interesting editorial that tries to stay neutral, but seems to lean in favor of allowing students with CHP's to carry on campus:

Time for a change?


Criminals are opportunistic. They prefer to hunt victims they believe can’t fight back. They’ll watch out for police officers and security guards. They’ll size up bystanders and check for security cameras.

Society does a good job of counting the number of crimes they commit. But those are easier numbers to get than the number of crimes that didn’t happen because a criminal worried that a potential victim was armed and dangerous - to the criminal.
The larger issue of group versus individual safety is clouded by another fact about criminals: They don’t obey the law. Virginia Tech murderer Seung-Hui Cho wasn’t supposed to have a gun on campus, let alone two.
If nothing else, the current law has a contradiction that should be addressed - one way or the other. The General Assembly should question why Virginia’s college students and professors can’t carry concealed weapons for protection but campus visitors can.
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