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Defensive Handgun I course - Doswell, Va. Saturday, 9/10/11 - Registration is open!


Regular Member
Mar 23, 2008
www.ProactiveShooters.com, Richmond, Va., , USA

Proactive Shooters is proud to announce a new, live fire course!

Defensive Handgun I

Defensive Handgun I is a structured live fire class designed to teach you the beginning shooting techniques needed to properly deploy your defensive handgun, while at the same time reinforcing safe gun handling skills. This course will be crucial for someone who carries a handgun on a regular basis and wants to learn & reinforce new skills beyond the basic fundamentals.

Students will shoot from standing, kneeling, and prone positions, at various distances at our outdoor range facility. Students should be physically prepared to shoot from these positions. The course runs about 6 hours, depending on class size (Limit 10 students per class).

Topics include:

One/Two hand shooting techniques
Magazine changes/reloads while shooting
Shooting from Retention
Reinforcement of Basic Handgun Skills & Safety
Linear/Lateral Movement
Target Recognition
Verbal Commands
Shooting from Standing, Kneeling & Prone Positions

The cost for this training class is $150.00. You may register for the course on our website, www.ProactivesShooters.com. Because of the limited space in the class, advance payment is required.

Equipment Requirements: Center fire, defensive handgun (.380 to .45 caliber), 400 rounds of ammunition (minimum, if you bring more, you can shoot more!), ear protection (headphones preferred), wrap-around eye protection, a baseball style cap/hat, 3 spare magazines (or more), a magazine pouch and a strong side, belt slide/outside the waistband holster, appropriate clothes for the weather.