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Did an open carrier in Delaware fire in self-defense?


State Researcher
Jul 31, 2007
Bear, Delaware, USA
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Crossposted since the thread exists in two places in different forms.

As many of you have already heard, the Delaware Attorney General's office has wisely decided to not press any chages against Dave_in_Delaware for defending his own life. Many thanks are owed to Dave for being brave during this time of his life and to his attorney for his invaluable aid in Dave's defense. Now that the battle is won, it's time to deal with the aftermath...

Please offer your support with Dave's legal fee's -- click here and give today.

More information about his legal status can be found here: http://www.deloc.org/deloc/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=770&start=110


Regular Member
May 10, 2007
Newark, Delaware, USA
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I wanted to "officially" go on record and express my deepest appreciation and admiration to ALL of you in the gun/shooting community!

It moved me to tears (yes, seriously) to read Wynder's Notice yesterday, and to find an announcement on DELOC,PAFOA, here, and XDtalk.

And the donations page that was set up was simply indescribable in words. In less than 6 hours people who I didn't even know and have never even met were donating their hard-earned money to help offset my legal fees. And some of the doners contributed such large sums! It truly moved me to tears, and humbled me, to realize that there is such a high level of friendship and support in the gun/shooting world.

THANK YOU to EVERYONE for sticking by me, supporting me, and donating your prayers, thoughts, phone calls, and money to help me through this very troubling and emotional time in my life. I appreciate each and every one of you!