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Dinner at Lucky's 14 Sep


Regular Member
Sep 8, 2013
Henderson, NV now Texas. I move a lot.
Gun Dissasembly 2

As promised, here is some info on the program I showed at Lucky's. Since it's available across multiple platforms, here is a video showing the basics that I dug up, poor as the quality is. :eek:



Keep in mind, this isn't a game; it's a training tool that shows in excruciating detail: the parts, functions, complete step-by-step disassembly/assembly and mechanical procedures involved in TONS of different firearms.

It offers full 360/zoom, slow motion, multi "x-ray" views of the parts in motion (to observe the sequence of operation) and more!

Should probably be in the general forum [and may well be!] so... If anyone wants to post it there, it's cool!


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Jul 11, 2012
Las Vegas
Had a great time even though I was disappointed in my sandwich. I'll definitely get pizza next time instead

Why aren't the guns on the table? JUST KIDDING!

Do you have any pics of everyone where you can see that they are oc? Would be awesome to have and then frame it for the proprietor's wall. ???

Again, sorry I couldn't make it. Who's who in the pic?

PS: Yep, the pizza is by far the best thing on the menu...and it's gooood.