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Does anyone know...?


Regular Member
Sep 23, 2009
Grennsboro NC
My polling place is a local fire house, and although it was NOT posted, I was told by the people at the Polling HQ last year that ANY facility that is being used a polling place is--while the polls are open--a "prohibited place" under the same restrictions that other "state government buildings" are...

They could not cite a Statute, but did show me a copy of their "Polling Place Handbook" published by the State Election Board, and it had a "policy" that forbade firearms in a polling place. I gave them 3 days to find an actual law or statute to back up this claim, but when I went back to the Polling HQ, they just repeated what they'd said before, with the added warning that if I tried to carry, I might very well be arrested even if there was no law against carry, and then the courts could sort it out.

Not wanting to volunteer to be a "test case", I left my firearm in the car when I voted.

As a side note, the words "polling" and "voting" do not appear in the book "Firearms Law of North Carolina" by Thomas Faulk, nor do they appear in the booklet "Firearms Law of North Carolina" published by the NC Attorney General...

They also DO NOT appear in ANY NCGS sections that discuss firearms law.

Just sayin'...