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Does Ohio follow federal law or is it more strict pertaining to age & possession


Regular Member
Sep 9, 2008
Ohio, ,
It's early and my brain is still foggy but I'm discussing gun possession with my 16 year old son.

This is also an important topic to me as my neighborhood is getting worse all the time and I'm considering leaving him armed when home alone in the evenings when I have to be gone.

As I understand under Federal law I can let him have a long gun based on the last sentence of this that I found I found on line:

Licensed firearms dealers Dealers may not sell or deliver a handgun or ammunition for a handgun to any person the dealer has reasonable cause to believe is under age 21.7 Dealers may not sell or deliver a long gun, or ammunition for a long gun, to any person the dealer knows or has reasonable cause to believe is under age 18.8 Unlicensed persons Unlicensed persons may not sell, deliver or otherwise transfer a handgun or handgun ammunition to any person the transferor knows or has reasonable cause to believe is under age 18, with certain exceptions*.9 Unlicensed persons may sell, deliver, or otherwise transfer a long gun or long gun ammunition to a person of any age.

So, My TWO questions are:

1. Can I provide him with a long gun in Ohio, or does Ohio have more strict guidelines ?

2. Not that he would need to, but IF he is allowed to possess a long gun under the age of 18, is open carry of a long gun by a person under 18 legal in Ohio without an adult?

Thank you