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Driving From WA to MI


Legendary Warrior
May 21, 2006
Its also made traveling through the Midwest oh so much more convenient. True story ... About 10 years ago I had to travel from St Louis to central IN. So following all the rules, sidearm was unloaded, locked in a case with ammo locked in a separate case, yada yada. Well, on I-64, just a few miles into IN from IL there is a rest area. I'm parked in the rest area and go to the back of the SUV, unlock cases, get my holster, regular drill. As I'm doing this I happen to look over to the right and that guy looks to be doing the same thing. I look to the left and see 2 open trunks with people doing the same thing. We all start looking at each other and start smiling and laughing. By the time this is all done there were 5 cars of travelers at that IN rest stop on a Saturday morning who were arming themselves after traveling through the no man land of IL.

Nice day.