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Even Vince Would Wonder About OCDO Stickies


Regular Member
Jun 11, 2006
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Is there a rationale for determining which threads are "hot" or sticky? There have been at least a half dozen threads starting asking some variant of the GFSZ question, multiple ones on the MKEGal situation, WI honoring OOS licenses/permits, etc. I would think that the first one of each category would be a candidate for stickiness. On the other hand, is a question about the Racine Zoo that important that it always has to be on page one? All the important information would be in one, easily visible place. Why not strive for efficiency? The number of threads could be reduced by at least 25%. Issues very deserving of stickiness:

1. What licenses does Wisconsin honor/who honors Wisconsin - put latest DoJ list and all questions about recognition and reciprocity here.
2. GFSZ - 'nuff said. Posts that begin "I have read the law but..." usually mean "I am too lazy to read the law, so spoonfeed me..."
3. Other States - since some people insist upon putting a thread about, say Hawaii, in the Wisconsin forum, at least let's dump 'em all into the same basket.
4. Legislation - in the works, proposed, related rules.
5. Court decisions that don't fit in an existing thread.
6. Firearms organizations - purpose, membership, points of contact.