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Eye deep in idiots


Regular Member
Aug 25, 2007
the meanest city in the stupidest state
Last night I witnessed some of the strongest arguments in favor of gun control I have ever seen.

It all started out in response to the protest downtown that progressed into some rioting. (The next night, a curfew was imposed and nothing else happened.) A professional comedian, who is black, posted on his professional Facebook page joking that the rioters were doing it wrong--there's nothing worth looting downtown, if they wanted to loot good stuff they should go to [upscale gated community across the highway from my subdivision]. Sure enough, some half-wit took it seriously, and announced on our neighborhood Facebook page that Black Lives Matter was planning to riot in [upscale gated community] so we should be prepared to defend our homes, since it was sure to spill over into our (also gated, but not upscale) neighborhood.

This brought out all the chest-pounding internet buffoonery that makes serious, responsible gun owners cringe. Let's ignore the racist overtones and just focus on the gun-related problems:
  • One woman announced that she has "7000 rounds of 9 mm" if anybody needed any.
  • Unnumbered half-witted rednecks promised that anyone who dared set foot on their property would be shot dead
  • Some idiot announced that Florida's "stand your ground" law meant you could shoot anybody and get off scott free as long as you announced beforehand that you feared for your life. This went on in several posts. About half of what he said was flat-out wrong, and the rest was a half-right conflation of general self-defense law, stand your ground, and castle doctrine.
Bear in mind--this is in a city that has a long-running awareness campaign reminding people to check if they locked their car because of the absolutely ludicrous number of firearms stolen out of unlocked vehicles every month. (Apparently, "9 o'clock, check it's locked" won out because "WTF is wrong with you that you leave a firearm in your vehicle overnight?!" seemed too direct.) :rolleyes: With dingbats like these making gun owners look bad, it's no wonder there's a lot of public support for "red flag" laws. I'd be inclined to believe these #FloridaMorons are a danger to themselves and others and require court supervision. But then, that seems to be true of a lot people in Florida.


Regular Member
Aug 22, 2013
here nc
the comedian might have a viable vested interest in moving those wishing to engage in civil disobedience to the richer neighbours.