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Financially-strapped Nevada city declared disaster


Regular Member
Feb 2, 2011
united states
WOW I didn't know that 66% of the city's budget was for "public safety". Sounds pretty obvious to me where the cuts need to be made :/


Regular Member
Dec 25, 2011
Peoples Republic of North Las Vegas
How does that percentage compare with other cities?

Cities with population similar to North Las Vegas that spend 70% of budget on Public Safety that includes:

911 Call Center
Judicial Courts
Sheriff dept

Lexington, KY
Aurora, CO
Rochester, NY

All (3) are in severe financial state or near bankruptcy and unionized.

Found this info in under (5) minutes so I know there are more. My degree is in Economics and I am retired and I spend way TOO much time reading financial news. My former home state (PA) capitol(Harrisburg) is close to declaring bankruptcy. Of course we know which political party controlled it and most of the cities that are underwater with union public safety workers. I was in the union in my PA job because it was mandatory. Don't get me going. It would not be pretty.

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