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First Time OC in Town


Regular Member
Feb 26, 2008
Bozeman, Montana, USA
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I've had a concealed weapons permit for a while now and carry on a regular basis when not at work (at a University and therefore off limits). Last Saturday was one of the first warm days we'd had for quite a while and I was heading in to town to do some running around. I tucked my Kahr CW9 in my IWB holster and was just about to untuck my shirt to cover when I decided I would just wear it with the grip and rear of gun visible and see how it went. As near as I could tell nobody even noticed it except a guy working at a gun shop I stopped in. He looked at it fairly intently for a long moment as he strode by...I think he was just trying to identify the gun.

It did feel a bit odd at first but I quickly became comfortable and actually came to enjoy being open about carrying a firearm in public.

Live and learn.