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Great Encounter W/ Arizona's Finest


New member
May 22, 2006
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Well went to Laughlin with a bunch of buddies of mine we stayed at the Avi which was very nice. Went to a town in Arizona called Oatmen which was awesome. Lots of nice bikes there and lots of sheriffs. Every where I went I had no problems with anyone. Was carrying my 1911 open on my right hip. Had one officer ask a few questions about my firearm but other then that no officers had any problems. This surprised me being that it was bike week and with all the problems they had a few years ago with the motorcycle clubs.

On the ride back we were stopped on the 98 by Arizona highway patrol for speeding. There is one section where the speed goes from 55 to 45 and back up to 55 we caught doing 62 in the 45 zone. There were 6 of us and 2 of them. One officer stayed at the car in a defensive position while the other did all the talking. Told us about how dangerous it was speeding on the highway especially during bike week. Gave us all warnings explained to us that if it was Friday or Saturday it would have been a ticket no matter what, (it was Thursday by the way.)

Never mentioned anything about my firearm and never seemed to worried about it. Very professional and courteous. I did write a letter thanking him and sent it to him and his Superiors.

I was very surprised by the encounter and hope that any future encounters go just as nice.

John Pierce

Staff member
May 5, 2006
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Thanks for posting this.

If you travel a lot, keep us informed of the reaction or lack thereof in the various states.