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Gun-Toting Women Give Rise To Firearms Fashion Accessories

Rusty Young Man

Regular Member
Jun 19, 2013
Árida Zona
Definitely biased, but heartening to know more women are joining the ranks of every day carry.


Article said:
There's no accurate count of female gun owners, but a 2015 report from the National Sporting Goods Association found that 5.4 million women said they went target shooting. That's up 60 percent since 2001.

There are several reasons women don't openly carry. Many of them simply don't want to draw attention to themselves. Then there's the logistics of actually wearing the gun.

"Most concealed- and open-carry holsters are made for men," says Carrie Lightfoot, CEO of The Well-Armed Woman, an online store based in Arizona. She says a woman's body shape and size are important considerations when it comes to open or concealed carry.

"For example, a 32A bust could not conceal a Glock 19 very well — nor would a 42DD or a larger tummy allow for effective cross-draw carry," she says.

Lightfoot sells bra holsters, concealment leggings, lace waistbands and leopard print gun holders for cars. She says sales are up 130 percent since the summer.

Still, the vast majority of women don't openly carry. And that means one of the hottest accessories is the concealed-carry purse, which is Kate Woolstenhulme's business.


Regular Member
Nov 5, 2013
Kalamazoo, MI
I see nothing in there about women that do both. My other half carries a Glock 19G4 on her hip and a Sig 238 in her purse. And I can say that purse did NOT cost more than $200. Function does not need to be expensive.
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