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Had a good conversation about OC in Sam's Club (Hattiesburg)


Regular Member
Aug 24, 2009
Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA
I was shopping at Sam's Club with my 1-year-old daughter last night. An older gentleman approached me in the aisle and asked "if one had to be an officer of the law to wear that", referring to my RIA 1911 on my hip. A very cordial conversation ensued about legal carry in MS, and the reasons for carrying. He was completely ignorant of the state laws regarding any form of carry, so I tried to give him an accurate but quick overview of the law.

I've been asked about open carry before, but the other person always has their own misconceptions about the laws, and it's hard to break through such barriers. This gentleman listened attentively, and seemed impressed that I was carrying for my safety and my family's safety.

I also OCed at Academy (returned a single-stack .45ACP magazine holster that I didn't like) and wasn't accosted by anyone. All in all a good night, except that Sam's Club quit carrying the cinnamon pita chips that my pregnant wife craves. :uhoh: :)
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