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Hair Excitement, Biddeford


Regular Member
May 23, 2008
Lyman, Maine
Hey all, another positive report today. My mother went to get her hair cut at Hair Excitement in Biddeford today and she mentioned my name to the hairdresser Katlyn. I've been getting my hair cut there while OCing for about 4 years now and Katlyn said "Notorious Norman is your SON?" Apparently they love me there and told my mother that they feel safer whenever I come in because they know I'd protect them if anything happened.

So, I suggest anyone who needs a haircut in the Biddeford area to head over to Hair Excitement for a good cut, friendly company, and an OC friendly environment


Legendary Warrior
May 21, 2006
Good for them in accepting OC.

I am always puzzled though when people will gladly let me protect them, but will not do so themselves. Hope you have taken the time to explain to them how they too may be responsibly prepared.


Activist Member
Apr 7, 2011
Anderson, SC
I am always puzzled though when people will gladly let me protect them, but will not do so themselves.

Amen. That topic has been on my mind more than usual this past month, as we've had relatives visiting. While visiting, most of my relatives say they feel safe with us around and are very accepting of my wife and I carrying around them. I always ask them why they don't start taking responsibility for themselves. Every time I talk to my family and relatives, I give them more reasons to carry and take responsibility for themselves.

Maybe the OP can deploy similar tactics, if he hasn't already done so. Just "work on" the people every time you see them. Don't badger them, just work on them slowly over a period of time.

It's paid off for most my family, as most of the ones we have "worked on" have decided to start carrying recently. Some of them just don't know which gun they want, so they're in the testing faze right now. My wife, sister, and grandfather have decided to start carrying, because my wife and I have opened there eyes to the "real world" and exposed how much the government wants them to be defenseless. Plus, we ALWAYS openly carry, unless were in SC in public, so my family has become very comfortable with seeing firearms and being around them.

I'm actually pretty proud, they all agree getting permission to carry a firearm is not the way to true freedom. They see carrying a firearm as a right, from the conversations we've had.
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