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Hoosier Daddy?


Regular Member
Dec 5, 2012
"The Kokomo, Ind., resident was getting into his car 🚗 when a suspicious man wearing a bandana entered his car without warning. 🖐🤪 The driver armed himself with his firearm and informed the suspect he was armed. 🔫 This did not deter the would-be carjacker, who pulled out a handgun of his own. 🔫💩 In response, the armed citizen fired several times at the suspect, who fled the vehicle without a fight and without firing his weapon." 🏃‍♂️

"Boles' neighbors house was struck by the gunfire, it is unknown if the suspect was struck."

🏠💬 ya got me!

🏆 Marksmanship trophy



Well-known member
Jan 6, 2010
Fairborn, Ohio, USA
What? The word-be victim did not yell, “Drop it!” a la movies and TV??? He just opened fire?

Good on him.

Nothing gets me yelling at the TV louder than watching two guys pointing guns at each other—point blank rang—each demanding that the other drop it. I usually shout, “Shoot the SOB! The first one who shoots, wins!”

In an SD situation, the instant you realize it is you or him, make it him!

color of law

Accomplished Advocate
Oct 7, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
"Boles then armed himself and announced to the suspect that he was armed."

What does that mean? Did he run home and get his gun? If the gun was on his person then he was armed. My question is how fer away was he to miss the BG? He hit a house.

All we have here is a story that realy does not tell much of anything.