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Hot Topics LOL, Older Firearm Owners and Advance Planning: Results of a National Survey


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Aug 22, 2013
here nc

dougie, not sure of your purpose of putting worthless & nonsensical & unsubstantiated “studies” out on these pages as if they had some contributing information for forum membership? This one is extremely misleading in it’s data collection and even states, quote:

Our survey included only English-speaking older adults living in homes with guns, so our results may not be generalizable. We did not explore reasons for having (or not having) plans, the sample size limited subgroup analyses, and acceptability bias may have resulted in overreporting of planning. unquote.

this suicide prevention nonsense study, funded by, “ This project was supported by the National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Mental Health/National Institute on Aging (grant R34MH113539-01) and the New Venture Fund (grant NVF-FFSF-Northeastern University-007811-2018-12-04). Dr. Knoepke was supported by a career development award from the American Heart Association.”

The National Firearms Survey included 1001 respondents aged 65 years and older who were living in homes with firearms and were firearm owners themselves...unquote and there is no differentiation nor delineation of handgun/rifle/muzzleloader/ad nauseam which would/could play a H U G E impact on suicide prevention study[ies] results on firearm of choice to end one’s life!

as is your custom, plop just a cite out here, w/o any contributing commentary per se as to the cite’s intent or purpose.

c’est la vie


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Nov 21, 2018
So, you are sadistic. Wasn't Jeffrey Dahmer a little sadistic?
Dahmer, I’m sure that you would know better than I.

I am secure in my utter deplorableness, secure in my sadism, secure in my xenophobia, homophobia, heterophobia, and exceptionalism.

But about Dog Boy, like a BB shot bull, he bellows, and roars and snots as he struggles against the corral bars of civility.

ETA: Brian Masters, author of The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer, reports that Dr. Fred Fosdel says not, that Dahmer was not a sadist.
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color of law

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Oct 7, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
It's clear that solus is pointing out the worthlessness and waist of money on a, so called, study that admits that it is, in itself, worthless. Solus does take issue with those posting drivel. And yes, you offered no commentary, no heads up. The first three paragraphs told me all I needed to know.

Like the report/study I've already wasted enough time on this posting.

OC for ME

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Jan 6, 2010
White Oak Plantation
Well, at least three folks clicked on the link...ad revenue was graciously appreciated...as to "The Dahmer"...I'm confident that his victims are comforted that "The Dahmer" was not a sadist...pft!!