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How to OC a Walther P.38 without looking like the Gestapo


Regular Member
Jul 21, 2008
Alexandria, Virginia, United States
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Everybody and his Uncle Fudd these days who is not a revolver fan is either a 1911 man or an apostle of striker-fired hardware. Me, I like Walthers. Particularly I like the PP series and the P.38 for reasons which I have sufficiently run my E-mouth about on other threads. And I think I am not as alone as I think. But there is the question of how do you OC a P.38 when seemingly the only thing you can find is either nylon or one of those clunky flap holsters issued by Germany since Moby Dick was a maggot? They just look silly and affected unless you are in some kind of uniform or fiddling around in Death Valley or something. Not to mention a ready draw. How to find a quality modern thumb-break for "The Pistol Designed With World Conquest In Mind"? That was the problem that beset me when I purchased my (postwar) P.38.

Discussions with kinowledgable folks reveald that the P.38 was the basis for the Beretta 92, and someone suggested I try a holster made for that weapon. I asked to examine a Bianchi #19. I found I was able to force the snap closed but I wanted a bit more ease in doing so. A bit of analysis showed that if I cut a bit - about 1/8 inch - more clearance for the trigger guard, I would have a very nice looking quality holster which would eliminate the "Is a flap open carry?" conundrum. So I am posting some pics of what I did and how it turned out. Please note this only works with leather holsters and before you go cutting leather, make sure it will work out. If not you could wind up with a semiexpensive boondoggle. However, this solution worked for me. I only know how to post one pic per post so forgive the multi-posts.

This is the holster with the cut: