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How to tell if you're old


Regular Member
Mar 22, 2012
The High Plains of Wyoming
A week or so ago someone on one of the gun discussion boards posted (what was supposed to be) a joke.....

How to tell if you're old...

Fall down in front of a bunch of people; if they laugh you're still young. If they come running to see if you're OK and help you up you're officially old.

Saturday was a work day at the rifle range to prepare for spring. We were tearing down the lean to over the 100 yard shooting benches, being frugal we were saving as much material as we could for use on the new lean to. I was carrying a sheet of particle board when my right knee gave out and I knew I was going down so I held onto the board and rode it down (it had to displace air and acted kinda like a parachute).

I landed softly but not being able to bend my knees more than 90* (double knee replacements) I was having trouble getting up. Two nice young ladies (early to mid teens) came running to help; which proved two things, not all the youth are spoiled self centered brats and I am OFFICIALLY OLD :(