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Hunstville Bed Intruder Story, and Bed Intruder Song


Regular Member
Nov 1, 2009
Mattaponi, Virginia, United States

"We got your finger prints, and your T-shirt, We're gonna find you"

ME: "I've got a Glock, and we have his finger prints, his T-shirt, and DNA from the blood splatter. We don't need to find you cause you bled out on my floor."
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Regular Member
Sep 23, 2009
Grennsboro NC
I generally hate "autotune" music, but that one made me snort my drink... ROFLMAO...

I have a friend who lives in Huntsville, and if this suspect climbs through a window in her house, it will be the LAST window he climbs through--he would definitely be leaving "feet first" from her house...