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Hurricane Sandy


Regular Member
Jan 20, 2009
Eau Claire WI, ,
It's not looking good for the east coast. My thoughts and prayers go out to all that will be affected by this storm. I hope with all of the advanced warning people received, they took the warnings seriously, and prepared as best as they could.


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Jan 13, 2007
El Paso, TX (formerly Colorado Springs, CO)
Lest we forget: Winds, rain, high tides and storm-surge are only half of the problem with these kinds of "disasters," especially for gun-owners. Meaning "the authorities" going door-to-door (as in the state of LA during Hurricane Katrina -- everyone recalls those stories) and forcibly "evacuating" people (for their own safety of course, the Nanny State at its best) and confiscating all their weapons. It'd be even worse if Martial Law was declared.

Here where I'm at, during the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Ike (a 108-year-storm for us) there were rumors that Martial LAW was going to be implemented, so instead of "the authorities" coming by fully armed to intimidate us into leaving (as they did do), under Martial Law they could order us out at gun point. Who knows then what would hapopen to our firearms.

Yes, I know SOME places have -- directly due to what happened during Katrina -- passed legislation saying people can't be disarmed during some disaster...but I wonder how that would hold up IN REALITY, especially if an area was under Martial Law. And especially if the "disaster" were man-made (large-scale riots) with "all those guns out there on the streets" BS "the authorities" like to cite for justification.

So while we certainly ARE concerned about hurricanes along the Gulf Coast here (as they are RIGHT NOW on the East Coast with Hurricane Sandy), I'm just saying the AFTERMATH of the event may be more serious than the event itself -- all courtesy of armed "authorities."

As if we don't have enough to worry about without them...
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