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I-1094 needs YOUR signature!


Regular Member
Mar 3, 2010
Bellingham, WA, USA
All right, Washington patriots, it is time to get off our butts and into the public eye. I-1094 will effectively repeal I-1639 if it is brought to the ballot and passed by the voters. We can review all of the underhanded methods by which I-1639 was brought before the people. Likewise, let's review how out of state gun grabbers and a criminally negligent NRA resulted in a false narrative being pushed, with no wide ranging dissent on the side of liberty being presented. The anti rights fascists are using our state as an experiment, and it is time to invalidate their results.

The groups that proposed I-1639 absolutely lied to the people with whom they spoke while trying to gather signatures to get on the ballot. Then, they broke the rules regarding the actual formatting of the initiative presented to the people. Finally, the Washington Supreme Court ignored their sworn duty in order to promote their political agenda. The NRA took tons of money from Washington residents with the promise to fight the initiative, and then spent almost all of it elsewhere (mostly on themselves and their lavish lifestyles).

As someone who talks daily with strangers about gun rights, from the dog park to the mall, I have found MANY people who voted on I-1639 really didn't understand the impact, or even the elements, of the initiative. Whether as a result of our individual lack of outreach, or our trust in others who took our money with the promise of doing that outreach for us, we simply failed. Time to take another shot. (see what I did there?)

I-1094 will in effect nullify I-1639 *see the text of it here: https://bit.ly/2NZGYJd

Here is a list of local shops where you can sign and, if motivated to do so, get extra copies to gather signatures on your own: https://bit.ly/2Nx2ENB

Ammoland did a nice write up here: https://bit.ly/33uc6aa

If you are signing, or gathering the signatures of others, there are two key points to remember:
1. You MUST be a registered voter in the state of Washington to validate your signature. They absolutely can and DO check this, ESPECIALLY for an initiative like this, which the anti right left will scramble to block at every turn.
2. Please, do NOT sign more than once. If your signature is submitted in duplicate (or more) ALL of your signatures will be disallowed.


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Aug 22, 2013
here nc
So boomboy, couple questions...
1. Where did the numbering sequence, 1094, for the Initiative come from as it’s not on WA SoS’ site?

2. Who, or whom, actually initiated this 1094 concept? All I see is this pop up out of the blue without anybody claiming responsibility for such a forward thinking activities ~ why is that?

3. When will those in the know push to eliminate the initiative process in its entirety instead of always trying to play catch up?

finally, flag waving aside...ABSOLUTELY NOBODY has stated nor figured out how to get the antis to vote for the initiative and everyone knows there isn’t enough advocates to push it through?

reddit....ya the gospel according to reddit....lol priceless

by the way, you did read the commentary, quote:

There is no mention of REPEAL in it, at all...

YET everyone is touting the term in their proclamations...
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