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Idaho Open Carry and Idaho Concealed Carry to operate under Idaho Carry - discussion


Regular Member
Jan 8, 2012
Hidden Springs, Idaho
On this July 4th, 2012, it is fitting that we affirm our own Declaration of Independence in the State of Idaho, independence from unconstitutional mandates handed down by Idaho government officials.

Since founding Idaho Open Carry in November 2011, we have uncovered regulations not supported by the Idaho Constitution and put in place by county and city officials that affect not only Open Carry but Concealed Carry as well. Because we have found ourselves defending Concealed Carry in conjunction with Open Carry, it only makes sense to expand our base if we are going to have any influence on our government officials when we challenge their unlawful regulations.

It is for this reason that I propose a name addition. I would suggest that Idaho Carry become the title of our primary organization and Idaho Open Carry.org and Idaho Concealed Carry.org operate as its equal partners in our efforts to protect our gun rights. I propose that we change our web address to www.IdahoCarry.org and have www.IdahoOpenCarry.org and www.IdahoConcealedCarry.org named in the same website title (Idaho Carry - Open and Concealed???) and linked to that address. Your suggestions regarding the webpage title are welcome.

There presently exists an Idaho Concealed Carry.com not associated with us. That is owned by a fellow offering CCW training and is not a concealed carry organization. Idaho Concealed Carry.org and Idaho Open Carry.org are our organizations and will be both recognized on our website after all things have been decided at the end of the next 2 weeks of discussion.

We would still promote Idaho Open Carry and Idaho Concealed Carry under their titles to our members, but our legislative and primary public name would be Idaho Carry.
This decision is not written in stone and will be open for discussion via email and our Idaho Open Carry Facebook. Also, this change will be the primary focus of our Idaho Open Carry dinner at the Black Bear Restaurant on July 19 at 7:00pm at 1731 S. Entertainment Ave, Boise.

Happy Independence Day
Tony Snesko